Employers and Job Seekers Share Their Experiences

We are dedicated to helping companies find the very best talent possible, while working with job seekers to discover opportunities that enrich their lives and their careers.

Below are some of the companies and job seekers who have shared their stories with us. You can also watch several of their videos. Do you have a story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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Job Seekers


“Elizabeth, — I would like to publicly say THANK YOU for my amazing new career. I was almost at the end of my ropes — being over 50 thinking my career was near the end or very limited. NOT AT ALL. Thank you for having faith in me and keeping me positive. Knowing, the “right job” would come along. Boy did it! After being with 3 other agencies that haven’t given me the “time of day” after our original meetings. No communication via email or anything for weeks and MONTHS. I will not recommend them to anyone NEEDING, WANTING AND HONESTLY looking for a job. Elisabeth, you are a fine example of what a recruiter is all about. I’ve just completed my first month with this amazing company. Again, thank you so very much! <3″

Pam L.

“I had a very good experience with Murray Resources. It was a chance meeting that I came in contact with one of their recruiters and she was very friendly and asked if I would like to come visit with her about job possibilities. As I have spent many hours looking and researching job opportunities over the past years, this was a very welcome offer for assistance. I was somewhat skeptical at first, not knowing what a staffing agency was really all about. However, I went in and met with her and shortly after started receiving calls about potential jobs from the recruiters at Murray. They were all very friendly and seemed to care very much about what type of job I wanted and what I wanted for my future. After only my second interview, I was hired on as a contractor in the exact field that I have been trying to get into for years! I am thrilled and could not be more thankful that I met these people and got this wonderful opportunity. Thanks so much!”

Chloe C.

“I just wanted to compliment the company as a whole. I will say that it was truly the best experience that I have had with any staffing agency and I could tell that not only am I in good hands, but you all actually cared to listen to my needs. Thank you a million times over!”

Nancy M.

“I wish to thank you again. You opened doors for me that would have remained closed. I have sung your praises to many others as a source of career advancement. I will not soon forget your encouragement, support and friendship in my career search and final placement.”


“I would like to express my gratitude to you and say THANK YOU for finding me this great position. I love my job and my bosses are great. I’m one of the few that can actually say I really enjoy coming to work every day and don’t rush out of here at the click of 5 pm. Murray Resources was very professional from the time you found me to the time you placed me and I really enjoyed working with your company.

Deborah D.

“I want to take a minute to say thanks for taking your time to help me find this awesome job. I learned that things happen for a reason and you were able to see something in me that helped me get this position. That’s why I am so thankful! Great things are happening to me right now and you had a lot to do with that. From my side, I’ll make sure that my performance for this company represents Murray Resources in the best light possible.”

Cristian M.

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. When I arrived at your offices, I knew immediately that your company was different. Your receptionist was professional and helpful. Your offices are beautiful. But the interview I had with you out shined it all. You learned more about me and my professional skills than all the other agencies combined. And you did it in a short amount of time and kept me at ease as well! I feel very fortunate to work with Murray Resources. Thank you again.”

Beverly C.

“I just wanted to say “Thank you” for of your help, dedication and assignment placement! I am now a full-time employee with one of your clients and I couldn’t be happier. I owe that all to you. When I came to your offices, I was really in need of a job. I had previously been working with another staffing agency who also placed me with a good company; however, due to their really bad/unprofessional payroll practices, I had to leave that position. That was one of my main concerns in working with another staffing agency. I remember you all assuring me that I would not have that problem with Murray Resources…and you were very true to your word! Your payroll department has been above and beyond professional and very helpful with any and all questions and concerns I have posed.

I am very, very happy with my new job. So, I guess I can say that Murray Resources was heaven sent! I prayed for a good job, and received just that. During these hard economic times, people are being laid off left and right…and when they ask me who I work for, I refer them directly to my “career angels”. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met and worked through/with you all! I also appreciate your emails to check on me and my happiness with the job. The other staffing agency never did that. That makes it easier to express any concerns an employee of yours may have, without having to even initiate a complaint/concern. Again, I just want to say thank you for everything!”

Morenike’ M.

“I wanted to send you a short email and thank you for the warm welcome and kind, encouraging words you gave me today. You have no idea what that means to me after the rocky journey I have been on to date. Your staff presented the same warm reception and seemed to be genuinely interested in what I have to offer. I truly hope that we can work together to obtain a wonderful end result for all involved. I admire and respect your tenacity and honesty during my interview with you. I left your office today feeling so much better about my future. If there is anything I can do to help make this happen, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again…thank you!”

Katy F.

“I just wanted the Murray team for all your help. If it was not for you and your team I would of never encountered the great people at my new company, and I owe that to you all. I look forward to working with you in the future and will definitely refer many people to you. Again, thank you for everything. ”

Kimberly S.

“Of all the staffing agencies I’ve been to over the years, Murray Resources by far was the most professional. You and your staff truly know what it means to be in a “people” industry. I really appreciate the time that was taken with me to ensure that I find the proper assignment, the one that is tailor fit for me. Again, many thanks.”

Terri M.

“I still can’t thank you enough for the opportunity at my new company. Thank you, thank you , thank you!”

Kim L.

“You guys rock and you thanked us about representing Murray well? Well, it all starts with you guys presenting and carrying yourselves well and setting the tone!”

Maria C.

“You always respond to my emails, whether you have an assignment or not – I know where I stand with Murray. So often the agencies get my email and never respond back, that is where I say you and Murray is a cut above.”


“Murray Resources met and worked with me when I was looking for work after graduating. I could really feel the determination they all bring to work every day to help people find the career path they are looking for. ”

Kenneth P.

“Murray Resources has been a true blessing. I felt like the staff really tried to find me a job that I would be a good fit for, not just a job. I am incredibly happy with my placement and am very thankful. Murray Resources is a wonderful staffing agency that is involved in the community. I highly recommend them!”

Amanda C.

“I was referred to Murray Resources by my older sister. She had good things to say and I found out as well that the staff in the office is very friendly and there to help you. I enjoyed all of the job offers I was given; one client had me back three times and always made me feel welcome. Murrary Resources is an awesome place to go to for temp-work, and maybe a client will like you so much that you job will continue on further!”

Hailey B.

“After moving to Houston from California, I wanted to find work. I met several recruiters from various employment agencies, Murray Resources being one of them. I scheduled an appointment with Murray and it was the best move I could have made. I found Murray Resources to be professional, courteous, and very resourceful. I am happy to say I have secured a great job at a local prominent construction company. I couldn’t be happier. I am finally doing the job I have been wanting to do since arriving in Houston. I have Murray Resources to thank for this great job I have. Thank you for all of your time and effort.”

Shara M.

“Thank you for having a fabulous and very informative website. Before I arrived for my appointment, I felt that I knew exactly what type of company I was about to visit. Your site is nicely laid out and very easy to navigate and provides many helpful tips for job seekers. I definitely want to thank you for the wonderful meeting that I had with entire staff at Murray Resources. From the minute I was greeted in the reception area until I said goodbye upon my departure, I knew that I was in capable hands. I am fully confident that I will find an amazing new career from my affiliation with Murray Resources.

Thank you all and it was a pleasure meeting you.”

Catherine P.

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the way you have stepped above and beyond to help me try to find a permanent position. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. You made me feel like I have a friend looking out for me. I promise you, I won’t let you down. Thanks again!”

Leighan C.

“Thank you again for all your help with my placement at my new job. I am doing great and busy in my new position! Murray Resources provided support, guidance, advice, and expertise during my career search. They helped transition me into a growth position in an industry offering great potential.

I found Murrary Resources to be outstanding in terms of both professionalism and quality of service. I highly recommend Murray Resources to others in search of finding a rewarding career.”

Stacey B.

“I have not had anything but what I feel like is the best from each person that helped me at Murray Resources. They really care and are advocates for both candidates and clients. I would and (have) recommend Murray to everybody! It’s been such a great experience.”

Maria Cristina Y.

“Murray Resources is an exceptional team. I feel honored to be affiliated with this outstanding agency. The staff has been dedicated and helpful in placing me on assignments since I started with them two years ago. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Sandra G.

“I just wanted to let you know that as of today I was added on permanent! I am so excited about this opportunity! Learning so much in such a short amount of time has really helped me come into my own. I appreciate everything the entire Murray Resources team has done for me. I really feel like I am accomplishing what I came here to do, start my life. All because of everyone at Murray, I am getting to start something new and exciting. I’m not sure how many more thank you’s I can throw in, but thank you, thank you, thank you, and did I mention thank you?”

A. Gonzales

“I am so thrilled to have interviewed with you. Murray equals results. I cannot thank you enough – job searching is not easy, but Murray showed me the way.”

Monica F.

“The staff is professional, candid, honest, and driven. I felt they were truly working on behalf of my best interests and qualifications. Murray Resources helped me find my very first job out of college that led to the position I hold now. Thank you, Murray Resources! I will forever be grateful.”

Amanda C.

“Murray Resources was by far the best staffing agency I used during my job search. They listened to what I was looking for, stayed in constant contact, and found the best fit for me. Thank you so much for all of the help!”

Kevin B.

“I was referred to Murray Resources by a close friend whose company uses them. I had been with two other agencies for a few months and had not been set up for any interviews. I went to Murray’s offices, had a short interview and discussed what I was looking for. I was very impressed by their professionalism and attitude. I immediately knew they would find me the right position. Within 1 week of meeting with Murray Resources and completing my testing, I was sent on an interview and got my dream job! I am so thankful for Murray Resources! They listened to what I wanted and worked together as a team to help me find what I was looking for. Thank you so much!”

Tammy E.

“You have been one of the most considerate, efficient, and classiest recruiters I have encountered in my search (and….I have talked to a lot!). You represent your company well.”

Jodi C.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Murray Resources. I truly appreciate everyone’s efforts in making my time with Murray a pleasurable experience. I want you know that I do recommend Murray to anyone who is seeking a job and I will continue to do so. Once again, thank you for helping me attain my new job.”

Suzanne R.

“Murray Resources has really been a great firm to work with. Casey Landers and Lisa Durham did a wonderful job of assessing my career goals and making sure to place me in a position that was the right fit for me. Not only did they find me a position, but throughout the journey their communication was excellent. For example if things slowed down in the market they took the time to follow up verbally and/or via email to touch base. I am very grateful for all of the support and guidance they have given me.”

Angus P.

“I worked with Casey Landers at Murray and had a great experience. Very helpful.”

Amanda V.

“Elizabeth, thank you so much for help in getting my new position with a great company. Through the process you were always open, honest, and available. Coming from a massive layoff and not sure where to turn, you helped me prioritize what my next opportunity should be about and then helped me find it and get it. Thank you so much for all the help both emotionally and of course in securing a great career with a great future.”

Stewart C.

“My experience working with John Konis was beyond 5 stars. I responded to John and within 30 minutes received a phone call. He asked if I could come in for an interview and after doing so he attempted to arrange an interview with the hiring manager. Unfortunately the company had decided to move in another direction. At that time John informed me that he would keep my resume handy and if anything came up he would call. I thought that would be the last time I would hear from him based on previous experience with other similar companies. I can honestly say John kept his word. I am now with a company that values their employees and is probably the best company that I have worked for during my professional career. Murray Resources and John Konis conduct business with the highest degree of professionalism. They have impressed me enough that I am using them to fill an Engineering position that I have and will continue to do so as positions open.”

Van T.

“My experience working with Linda Wickard was exceptional. She was always responsive to my inquiries, kept me updated on the interview process and provided important feedback. I have to thank her for her help in landing me my new job as I would not have known about the opportunity otherwise. Professional, prompt and helpful.”

Adam J.

“I have had a great experience with Murray Resources- namely with one of their recruiters, Elizabeth. Elizabeth takes the time to listen to your work experience and doesn’t just focus on what can help her clients but how she can help you. She collaborated with me on what I see for myself next in my career and that is something invaluable. I look forward to referring many candidates to Elizabeth and having her help me in my search.”

Michael G.

“Murray Resources did an amazing job with helping me find a new job. Their team was very responsive to what I was looking for in my next job. Looking for a new job can be very stressful but Murray made it an awesome experience! I would recommend anyone who is looking for a new job to use Murray.”

Saheed I.

“I worked with Robert Fragoso with Murray Resources to look for a new job. Robert is very professional and like a bridge, he links the job seeker and the companies. He knows how to recognize an employee’s value and how to ensure the employer sees the same.”

Tina T.

“I have worked with Murray Resources on two different occasions over the past decade and have always found the organization and team members very professional and effective. Most recently I have worked with Robert Fragoso who continues Murray’s exceptional performance record.”

Robert M.

“I have worked with Murray Resources, and specifically Linda Wickard on more than one occasion and have always had a wonderful experience. Everyone in their office is nice and attentive, and I have never felt like I was a bother when calling. They were aware of my wants and needs in employment and did not waste time with positions that weren’t a good fit for me. The position I currently hold is thanks to Murray and I look to be here for the foreseeable future, however if anything were to happen, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Linda again to help with my employment needs!”

Cat S.

“I have dealt with a lot of different agencies in the past and Murray Resources has been the best one by far! I worked with Casey among others within Murray and could not have been more pleased with the results! I started working with Casey and within two weeks I had interviewed and been hired at my current job. I have been here four months now and feel extremely blessed to have this amazing job. Thank you Casey and Murray Resources for going over and beyond to help me find the perfect job for me. I will forever remember you all and have already recommended your company to several friends. Thanks again!”

Laura S.

“I worked with John Konis on a great opportunity that he presented to me. He then marketed me to the prospective employer who happened to be very discriminating in their candidate evaluation criteria. John did a great job of keeping everyone in the communication loop. He was easily accessible at all times, great responder to emails, texts, and calls and coordinated information extremely effectively from the East and West Coast office of the employer. The entire staff is professional and extremely helpful with any request for information or follow up. I would strongly recommend Murray Resources to anyone that is looking for employment or needing to make a change in their current career path.”

James S.

“I went through a short period of time between jobs and reached out to quite a few staffing agencies to be sure I got my name out there. I’d have to say my experience with most of them was not very good – lack of responsiveness, poor/no placement opportunities, office politics affecting applicants, etc. Murray Resources has none of the previously mentioned qualities. The entire staff is professional and genuinely wants to not only find applicants positions, but work to place them at a company where they as well as the company in which they are placed will succeed. As soon as I reached out to Murray Resources I was interviewed and placed at a temp-to-hire position almost immediately with a company that was an amazing fit. I was able to find a field and career path I never would have gone for on my own and can definitely thank Murray Resources for the opportunity. I’ve referred multiple friends who were looking for new positions to Casey Landers. She is a go getter and takes her time to get to know applicants and place them in positions that will benefit both the client and applicant. My mom works for a staffing agency, but I will definitely continue to refer friends and family to Casey Landers at Murray Resources over every other agency in town.”

Leah F.

“I worked with Casey Landers at Murray Resources in the late summer of 2013 after moving here from Colorado. She helped me determine the value of my education and experience from which she matched me with a great company and well above the pay grade I thought I would be able to attain at this point in my career.”

Rance K.

“Murray Resources was a Godsend for me in my job search. I had been looking for over 18 months with other recruiting and search firms with no luck and little confidence in them. Once I hooked up with Murray Resources I knew I was dealing with a professional and effective organization. Linda Cooper was a delightful professional who saw to my every need and was a great host of my visit to the one company they presented me to – and I was hired. The support not only during the interview process but the offer and acceptance process was exceptional – they have my utmost confidence and trust. And if I were to ever have a future need, Murray Resources would be the first call I made.”

Jack K.

“The entire team there is very responsive, not to mention professional. I have referred friends, family, and ex-coworkers to them both as candidates looking for work, and hiring managers looking to fill a position. Kimberly Shelton specifically has worked feverishly to find work for just about everyone I have sent her way. I can say that, because each of them is now gainfully employed thanks to her. The fact that she has managed to do this successfully in today’s job market is no small feat in my opinion. It should be noted that I say this as the only person that she has NOT found a job for. The reason she was unable to place me, is that I was thankfully picked up before she had the chance to. However, I still credit her with helping me find the job I am in now. Being laid off was one of the most tasking experiences I personally have endured. The entire time Kim was trying to place me, she was both steadfast and “upbeat.” Even when there was nothing available, she would call to encourage me to take training. As a result, the classes I took made me more presentable. She even went a step further and helped me take a dismal excuse for a resume into an exceptional one that landed me a job!! I am pleased to report that I have been working steadily now, and as an added bonus, I like what I do!! I will continue to refer people to Murray Resources. I would encourage anyone looking for work to contact them, and above all stay positive!”

Matt D.

“Murray has provided quick and professional staffing services in my search for new employment. I would definitely recommend this agency.”

Miriam G.

“Have worked with Linda Wickard on more than one occasion, and have always been pleased with her attentiveness and knowledge. Everyone on their staff is courteous and if I ever need assistance with employment again, Murray will be the first place I call!”

Catherine A.

“I LOVE this place! Kimberly really listened to what I wanted in a new position and found me the perfect place to work. I felt supported through the entire process. I highly recommend Kimberly and all the amazing staff at Murray.”


“Kim Shelton has been the best to work with!!! She has helped me find not only a new job opportunity, but a new career path. I appreciate all the work that she put into me and finding a perfect match!!! Thank you for everything Kim”

Jessica B.

“Working with Murray Resources has by far been the best Staffing agency I have ever worked with. They have placed me at my last 2 jobs and I don’t think Kimberly could have picked a better fit either time! Thank you for all of your hard work!!”

Dora T.

“Casey Landers helped me get established in Houston, TX. The opportunity Casey brought to my attention has been excellent and I am thankful I was able to work with such a great person as her. I highly recommend Murray Resources and especially Casey Landers.”

Eric Sorensen

“Great company, great people!!!”

Nadiya I.

“What an excellent experience I had working with Murray Resources. They were very professional from beginning to end. They made me feel very comfortable during a stressful time of my life while I was unemployed. My recruiter was very skilled in the position she was trying to fill. There wasn’t a question she could not answer. After my initial interview she was contacting my employer and getting feedback immediately. She stayed on top of it every step of the way. It’s people like Elizabeth that makes Murray Resources the professional they are. Great job Murray Resources for providing people that are unemployed with hope of landing something great like I did. Big Thanks!”

Michael J.

“Elizabeth, thank you so much for help in getting my new position with a great company. Through the process you were always open, honest, and available. Coming from a massive layoff and not sure where to turn, you helped me prioritize what my next opportunity should be about and then helped my find it and get it. Thank you so much for all the help both emotionally and of course in securing a great career with a great future.”

Stewart C.

“I applied for a position in which I was fully qualified to perform, and within a couple days was contacted by Robert Fragoso at Murray Resources. The level of professionalism that I have experienced during the interview process has exceeded all expectations. When, and if I need to interview for another position, my first call would be to Murray Resources.”

Mike B.

“I’ve worked with a multitude of recruiters throughout my career, and Murray Resources is #1 in my book. I never felt pressured, and all my questions and concerns were quickly addressed by my recruiter. I definitely got the feeling that the recruiter cared when they were assisting me in my job search. If you are looking for a recruiter, I would highly recommend giving the folks at Murray Resources a chance to help in your job search.”

Ryan B.

“When I arrived at Murray Resources I was swept away with their level of professionalism! They were friendly, compassionate, and really cared about me getting back into the workforce. I thought I died and went to employment placement heaven! It’s just that good! They took care of me and found the right fit for me based off the information that I provided them from my resume. I enjoyed meeting with them and appreciate the respect that they have.”

Derek H.

“Elizabeth at Murray was amazing. She worked quickly to help me get a position that was the right fit for me and me for them! It was an easy process and they were so helpful with all aspects of the search, through the interview and were so excited and happy for me when I got the job! I couldn’t ask for a better job search partner!! Thanks!!”

Gina T.

“In late July I was contacted by Murray Resources about a job position that matched my Skills and Work history. I was brought in for 2 interviews thru this time there was constant communication. I was brought on as a temp. After less than a week as a Temp Robert Negotiated me a contract as a full time employee with my now Employer. This whole transition was handle very professional and i am very grateful for what they did for me. And most of all I love my job. Thank you, Murray Resources!”

Elias G.

“My experience with Murray Resources was excellent. They kept me up to date on all of the feedback from their client regarding how they viewed my skills and what that could bring to their organization. I would highly recommend them.”

Michael K.

“I give my highest regards to Murray Resources. They are very professional and take the time to really get to know you and what you’re looking for in your career. I was laid off in December 2012 from my first job after only having it for 8 months right out of school. I knew this could look bad to a potential new employer so I wanted to find something fast. After sitting down with Murray Resources in January 2013 and telling them exactly what I was looking for, they found what I consider a dream job. Initially, I lacked the years of experience this company was looking for but ended up getting the interview. I landed March 2013 and couldn’t be happier with where I am right now. I owe it all to Murray Resources. For everyone looking to work with or are already working with Murray Resources keep your faith because you are in good hands! Thank you!”


“I have had nothing but great experiences with Murray Resources. Several years ago I was a candidate and while I had worked with other recruiting firms before, I had never been shown the type of attention and follow-up that I had with Murray. Now I’m on the other side and happily a client – and will continue to be. Keep up the great work, guys!”

Adam B.

Murray Resources contacted me about a potential contract job and it was a very smooth process from going in to talk to them about it to meeting client to getting hired!
Trevor B.

“I have worked with Murray Resources for about 2 years. I cant say enough about the staff and the service I receive. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my career.”

Travis W.

“Murray Resources has always treated me well in my time of “job” needs! This would be my second time using this agency and have nothing but great feedback for the company. As many should know, you are not the only person they are trying to place but Murray Resources would always contact me about potential jobs! At times it would be something more high level but they always gave it a try to present your resume and talk highly of their clients (which is very impressive in my book). Again, they have helped me out twice and each time with amazing companies. If I ever need assistance again, I will definitely contact them for their services! Great job and keep up the amazing work.”

Margo H.

“I love working with Murray. They are very considerate and work hard for their temps.”

Charla M

“I had a pleasurable experience working with the Murray Resources team, namely Elizabeth Orea. Everyone on staff was pleasant, helpful, and extremely responsive to all of my needs and inquiries. The placement process was quick and painless, and I appreciated the periodic check-ins to ensure I was doing well with my assignment.”

N. B.

“Murray Resources made the transition into a new job very smooth. They will prep you before interviews so you know what to expect. Give you key insight on the company and work culture before you even walk in the door. More and more companies are now using recruiting agencies, by using one it opens a lot more doors than if you were to search by yourself. Murray Resources is professional, helpful and that secret weapon to help you find your next job.”

Nicole N.

“Had an interview with Christi Bridwell and she was most helpful and professional. She placed me in a temp job very close to home and it went very well. Would recommend Murray Resources to anyone.”

Misty H.

“I began working with Murray Resources after being laid off from a 13 year working stretch. I first tried looking for a job on my own, and quickly realized that working with an agency would be much more productive. I worked with two other agencies, both of which found me an interview or two, but I never had the feeling that they were really working to get me placed. Enter Elizabeth at Murray Resources. From the very first interview, she gave me the feeling that she was trying to get to know me, my past experience, skill set, and even personality traits and other details in order to find the best possible job leads. With every lead and interview, she followed-up, even during off hours, and gave me helpful tips to make the best impression. She knows her clients, every company, and what they are looking for in a candidate, and she really promoted me as a candidate. Everyone I have spoken to at Murray is professional and pleasant, and it is by far the best experience working with an agency I have experienced. I highly recommend working with them, and have referred others there already.”

Ardeid O.

“I give Murray Resources 4 Stars (out of 4)!!! My experience with Murray Resources has truly been a wonderful journey. The Recruiters are understanding and will work very hard to put you in the right job. Kimberly, Casey and Lisa are all among the VERY BEST in the TOP RECRUITERS IN HOUSTON…without a doubt. Also, I’ve been very fortunate to be placed in assignments that went perm within months…all with top notch pay. Murray Resources’ Recruiters will first meet with you to discuss and development a plan for you and the type of work and/or career you’re seeking and will always keep you in the loop about any developments or projects. Murray Resources’ staff members are very encouraging and they will give you that feeling of empowerment so stay close to your phone because Murray Resources is always on top of finding you work as soon as possible and you’ll never get the run around and your call will always be returned in a timely matter. Thank you Kimberly, Casey and Lisa…you’re all the BEST in what you’re doing in the Resources Industry!”

Sonya L.

“We have all had those calls form that recruiter, the one that is looking for just a person that can have there resume altered and try to fit/fake there way in to a company. My experience with Murray was the exact opposite. Robert specifically, he took the time to listen to what I was looking for and figure out if the job he was trying to fill would be a good match up for me and my skill set as well as what I wanted in the future. I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for talent or trying to find a skilled position for a great future. They do there homework at Murray and my experience with Murray was a great one. Thank you again Robert, I really appreciate what you all do!”

Jesse H.

“Such an AWESOME, life-changing experience with Murray Resources to achieve the most out of job placement agency, make sure to work with Kimberly Carpenter. Kimberly is extremely patient and she takes the time to know you individually. She is very friendly and helpful every step of the way. For the best job placement you can ask for work with Kimberly Carpenter! Because she really wants to help and she can tell what type of job would be a great fit for you? I would definitely work with Kimberly again in the future, should I ever need to, and I will recommend Murray Resource to anyone I know looking for full, part time, or temp work. They are great!”

Kidane Z.

“I was and still am very happy with my experience with Murray Resources. My recruiter is a great person to deal with and has a great personality. I met with Kimberly and was very pleased with her approach. She explained every detail about the company and she was very respectful. She made me feel very comfortable with my interview and she was able to help me to find a job which I’m very excited about. I would definitely refer Murray Resources to anyone who was looking for work. Thank you!”


“I was placed very quickly with an incredible company! I fit so well here, it’s magical. I really appreciate Robert and how much he worked with me. I couldn’t have done it without him. Thank you!”

Lisa H.

“My experience was absolutely awesome! I highly recommend them to anyone that is having trouble finding a job. They work with you so well and care about you getting a job. They are good at getting back with you for information that you are needing and are the nicest people ever!”


“My experience with Murray Resources was fantastic! The atmosphere in the office is very welcoming and inviting. I had been out of a job for a little while, and through the help of my recruiter Casey I was directly hired to the company I am currently with. I was extremely pleased with the customer service at Murray Resources. If I ever had any questions or concerns, I would send Casey an email and within 24 hours I would have a response. I was also very pleased with the amount of information that was given to me during my time there, and I felt very prepared for any interview that I went on. I would highly recommend this recruiting firm to anyone!”

Zachary B.

“I can honestly say Murray Resources is the best agency to work with in Houston. I have gained so much experience and it’s all thanks to Murray. They listen to what you are looking for in a position and what you are not and work so hard at finding you just that. Elizabeth and Kimberly at Murray are the nicest most helpful recruiters I have ever worked with. They represent this company extremely well. There is great career opportunities with Murray Resources I would not go anywhere else.”

Joanna R.

“Murray Resources is an outstanding staffing agency. Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting at Murray has been very friendly, helpful and professional. My recruiter, Kimberly Carpenter is exceptional. She called me for a position and interview the same day I applied and within a week I was working for a well recognized company. I appreciate Kimberly’s advice and guidance throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Murray Resources to everyone looking for employment!”

Patricia R.

“My experience with Murray Resources has been AMAZING! I had met with a recruiter the same day I summited an application and within 48 hours I was going on my first assignment. Soon after (a week later) they was able to set up an interview with a great company and I was hired the next day! They understood my main focus on my job search and found a great position for me to be apart of and grow from. The opportunity is endless here, I am so glad they were able to help me out in my career path. Thank you!”

Madison M.

“I had a great experience with Casey at Murray Resources. She listened to what I was looking for and made sure I didn’t waste my time on interviews that didn’t meet my requirements. She was great about checking in on me throughout the entire process. She gets to know the employers she works with and has a good sense of whether or not my personality would match up with theirs. I couldn’t be happier with the new job I chose to accept and that wouldn’t have happened without Murray Resources helping me along the way.”

Josh W.

“I was referred to Murray Resources by my aunt after being laid off, within a few days of submitting my contact information, I was contacted, and made an appointment to meet with Elizabeth the very next day. Upon entering the office, the environment felt very warm, and Heather, the receptionist was very welcoming. When the time came to meet with the recruiter (Elizabeth) I immediately knew I was going to be in good hands, she was the most sweetest person, and she really took the time to get to know me, not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Being new to a staffing agency, she went over terminology I wasn’t familiar with, and even helped me explore what area’s I’d be willing to travel to/work in.
Although there was not a positon available the day we meet, she has been very good in calling me and informing me on jobs she thinks might be good for me! All in all, Murray has been a great resource for looking for a job! I would most definitely recommend this agency to anyone who is seeking employment!”

Jackie T.

“I recently began working with Murray Resources after being laid off. Although I was working with several recruiting agencies, I saw the most immediate results with Murray Resources. Elizabeth Orea took the time to get to know me and to understand my long term career aspirations and capabilities. She was incredibly creative and resourceful in presenting job prospects that I otherwise would not have thought to consider. In less than a month, I was hired for a role that Elizabeth presented to me and she and Kimberly Carpenter have been instrumental along the whole process. It has been a real pleasure working with Murray Resources!”

Heather P.

“Murray Resources gave me an opportunity to join a wonderful company, they not only assisted me in finding a job in my preferred field. They also assisted me in working with a company that will blossom my career. I have not been able to work with the entire Murray Resource family as of yet. However, working with Elizabeth orea has been a complete pleasure. If the rest of the Murray Resource’s staff is half as good as she is. I know that my career and future are in great hands.”

Travis W.

“I began working with Murray Resources in March of 2015- by May 2015 I had been placed into a position that was absolutely PERFECT for me. The staff did a phenomenal job accurately finding me the best job possible. I couldn’t be happier. Kimberly did an amazing job helping me and was diligent in staying on top of things! Thank you Murray Resources!”

Brande N.

“Murray Resources is the BEST Agency around…. I worked directly with Casey Landers and Elizabeth Orea and they were both a delight. From the moment I stepped foot in the door the atmosphere was so welcoming. I was greeted by the receptionist and truly taken care of. Not long after the initial meeting I had a call and leads for new job opportunities. I landed the best job ever within 3 weeks and got hired permanently full time within the next 90 days. I would definitely do it all over again if I could guarantee the constant contact and support from Murray. They care and you just know that nothing but goodness is their true GOAL….. THANKS MURRAY”

S. P.

“Casey was great, she is very professional and dedicated. She really put her best effort to find me a job. She has a very good eye to see your capabilities and experience. I do highly recommend her!”

Angie M.

“My recruiter is extremely professional and caring! She is always referring great assignments and following through with forwarding my resume. I appreciate the extra touch she gives me when I am on an assignment to make sure all is going well and that I am enjoying the job. The entire staff is very friendly and professional!”

Heidi H.

“Murray Resources gave me an opportunity of a lifetime soon after moving to Houston. I experienced great communication and highly trained individuals who constantly worked hard in trying to find the right fit for me. Murray Resources have a very good thing going and I hope they continue to succeed in the future.”

Eliezer R.

“I really liked the person that I worked with at Murray, she was very nice and personable. She offered me jobs that were right in line with my personal preference and I only went on two interviews before I found the perfect job for me. I have, and will continue to refer friends to Murray when they are looking for a new job opportunity.”

Stephanie E.

“I’m relatively new to Houston and out of all the staffing agencies I’m registered with, Murray Resources has placed me the quickest and with a job I love. Casey is very professional and fast. She is always polished and nice. I’ve already recommended Murray Resources to friends.”

Heather R.

“My recruiter was amazing!!! She really got what I was looking for. I had been looking for a new job for 6months before Murray Resources. After interviewing at Murray I had a new job with better pay and benefits within 2 weeks. I am so happy with them.”

Amanda H.

“Murray Resources is a great company to work with. They always go the extra mile!! Kara DiCarlo is an amazing person to work with. She always knows exactly what I am looking for and I am so glad that I have a company like Murray Resources to call on.”

Michelle H.

“This agency is amazing! Usually when you get a call from an agency they tell you about a position and you never hear back from them. But here I have been told about several positions and all of the girls make sure to call you back swiftly and promptly and THEY ACTUALLY GET YOU THE INTERVIEWS! And even if you don’t get the jobs they really do keep searching for you. I highly recommend them.”

Kristin U.

“What an excellent experience I had working with Murray Resources. They were very professional from beginning to end. The made me feel very comfortable during a stressful time of my life while I was unemployed. My recruiter was very skilled in the position she was trying fill. There wasn’t a question she could not answer. After my initial interview she was contacting my employer and getting feedback immediately. She stayed on top of it every step of the way. It’s people like Elizabeth that makes Murray Resources the professional they are. Great job Murray Resources for providing people that are unemployed with hope of landing something great like I did. Big Thanks”

Michael J.



“We recently completed our search for a Sr. Accountant through Murray Resources. I found your company on the Internet and shortly after completing a “hiring company request”, I was contacted by one of your recruiters, who in one short phone conversation and a visit to our offices put five resumes in my hands – all of whom were qualified. In three short weeks we hired one of the candidates. This is particularly important because the only accountant in our operation had resigned and we were desperate for a replacement. I want you to know that the recruiter did an outstanding job – she was efficient, spot on with her analysis of the candidates, and easy to communicate and work with. We will not hesitate to use your firm the next time we need help and I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to others.”

Scott Smith
Dolphin Geophysical Inc.

“We all live in such a fast-paced & high tech society this day & time, that we often tend to lose sight of, and/or forget the importance of communication and appreciation with regards to business relationships. I would like to personally take this opportunity to commend & recognize the staff of Murray Resources. From our company’s inception in September ’05, we have formed one of the very best working relationships within our existence.”

Allan Gregoryck
Manager, Human Resources
Premium Drilling, Inc.

“I continue to be enamored with your business approach. Murray has been a professional organization and has exceeded expectations from day one. We are so fortunate to have Murray Resources as a partner.”

Joseph R. Britt
Director of Procurement
Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

“It makes my job easier when I am fortunate to work with people who take the time to understand and know what we want and don’t try to sell me on a candidate just because they have their resume! I can honestly say I have never hired two applicants so quickly! (This is when you take your right hand and place it over your left shoulder and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!)”

Steve Wickard
Operations Director
Mitsubishi International

“The whole Murray team goes out of their way to make sure that your needs are being met with the best possible candidates. They make sure the candidates not only have the skillset needed, but that they also fit into the culture of the company. I would not hesitate to use Murray Resources for future needs because I know that they will be able to surpass my expectations.”

John Arnett
Mustang Engineering, LP

“Upon meeting Marsha Murray, it did not take long to realize that she was and is the consummate professional. Marsha is an innovative thinker and solution provider who will always go the extra mile to exceed the client’s expectations. Having used Murray Resources and as an associate of mine for the past twenty years, I have seen Marsha successfully balance her extensive technical experience in Personnel and Placement Management Business with the challenge of growing a company in very difficult economic conditions. She and her company continue to thrive and are well-equipped to lead and mentor through a unique combination of professional and personal experiences. Bottom line, Marsha Murray is a born leader and someone you can trust and count on.”

Skip Piatkowski
Supershot, INC.

“On behalf of all of us here, we’d like to congratulate you for your much-deserved recognition being named as the 13th Fastest Growing Woman-Owned Business in Houston by the Houston Business Journal. Murray Resources is certainly held very highly by myself and others here at this company.

Your entire staff is extremely professional and they are always there in time of need. You are and will always will be our number one choice for all of our temp-to-hire staffing needs. We salute you on this much-deserved milestone. Thanks so much for being there for us.”

We couldn’t do our work without you folks – you’re number one in our book always!”

Joyce T.
Manager, Admin. Services
Mustang Engineering, LP

“You have always been so helpful with us. I also wanted to thank you and say I enjoy the Murray Management Tips you are sending out. I actually share it with my mangers as well. Thank you again!”

Alma Lynch
Severn Trent Services

“Thanks again for all your help. We really appreciate your responsiveness and how you’ve helped us to get our positions filled so quickly.”

Roslyn Monera
HR Specialist
Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

“We have worked with Murray Resources for many years, and I have always found them to be extremely professional. They are prompt and efficient when we are in need of temporary assistance. Due to our long standing working relationship, Murray Resources is quite familiar with our business and the type of individuals that would be the perfect fit for our organization. They usually hit the mark the first time. Murray Resources goes above and beyond to make you feel as though you are more important to them than anyone else. They are a top notch organization. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Regardless of who you talk with at their location, you are guaranteed a warm and friendly greeting.”

Annette Newburn
Executive Assistant
McCoy, Inc.

“Murray Resources does a great job understanding our culture and what skills we need. They send us the right people and they stick.”

James Del Monte
JDA Professional Services

“Murray Resources always works diligently to match the best applicant with the job. Everyone is always very professional, yet friendly at Murray. It is a great organization to work with. Thank you for all your help over the years.”

Rhonda Stagg
Operations Manager
Stargel Office Solutions

“I have relied on Murray Resources for over 15 years to assist us in our administrative needs. They took the time to learn about who we are and what are needs are to find the best fit for us. I get calls from many staffing agencies, but would not use anyone but Murray Resources.

Cheryl Evans
Director HR & Administration
The Whitaker Companies

“I have used Murray Resources for over 6 years and they have always been there for us in a pinch. They find quality individuals for our needs and are always assertive in their search for a potential new hire.”

Marisa Rowland
Building Operations Assistant
PGS Americas, Inc.

“Murray Resources is always professional and quick to resolve any issues that may need attention. I always feel comfortable in knowing that one call will take care of my total needs.”

Jim Boehmke
Corporate Facilities Manager
Exterran Holdings, Inc.

“Moody Rambin is a long established Commercial Real Estate Company located in Houston. Our services range from retail and office leasing clients to servicing developers. Having a temporary receptionist who makes a friendly positive impression, and understands our clients’ needs is what Murray Resources provides us each time we call. Thank you, Murray”

Cynthia A. Langhorne
Moody Rambin Interests

“Murray Resources has become a trusted and valued member of our team over time. They have sourced talented and capable people that we were able to hire for multiple roles within the company. They understood our needs and maintained very high standards so that almost every candidate they presented was “on profile” and someone who was worthy of consideration. I have no hesitation in recommending Murray Resources. Their professionalism and results speak for themselves.”

Mark Esselman
Vice President of HR
Fleet Pride

“Murray Resources is very attentive to our needs and it is obvious that they always have our company’s best interest in mind. They are responsive, prompt, and thorough in screening the candidates that they provide us. We have had countless success stories as a result of their efforts and enjoy doing business with them!”

Amanda Joiner
Corporate Recruiter
Noble Drilling

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