Engineering Recruiter Tips: How to Always Be Recruiting

February 13th, 2018

As leading engineering recruiters in Houston, Murray Resources knows that if your company is like most, you’re always on the lookout for good talent. However, sometimes they can be hard to find due to a variety of factors. One of the biggest is when you recruit. Waiting until you have to fill an open seat can result in a hasty hiring decision. In reality, you should always be recruiting, especially if you want to find the best candidates in today’s tight engineering marketplace. To help you, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Position your company as a thought leader.

There are a variety of ways in which you can do this. For instance, you can go to industry forums and websites and answer questions there. You can also create a blog and promote it on various social media sites. Or you can submit articles on hot topics and trends to industry publications.

Give guest talks.

Whether it’s at a local college, with an industry group, or to a more general business group, getting involved in speaking engagements is a good way to raise your company’s profile and attract better engineering talent. While you might not think you have the time to get involved in this circuit, you can use the same talk – albeit tweaked – for different engagements. But as engineering recruiters in Houston, we know it’s a good way for people, as well as potential candidates to connect your company with a face, earning it credibility in the process.

Create an employee referral program.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to find and hire new engineers is through employee referrals. So if you don’t already have a referral program, then now’s the time to start one. When you do, not only will you have access to a regular stream of pre-qualified talent, but by rewarding employees who offer referrals you also have a powerful retention tool.

Develop an effective website.

No doubt when engineers are interested in working for your Houston company, one of the first places they will look is your website. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you have a Careers section that does more than simply highlight job openings. It should also showcase makes your company a unique and innovative place to work. Beyond that, you can also include employee videos and guest blog posts about your company’s culture, exciting initiatives, and new projects you’re working on.

Need more help recruiting engineers to your Houston team?

Call the experts at Murray Resources. As engineering recruiters in Houston, we know where to look to find world-class engineering talent, all while you focus on other business priorities. To learn more about how we can help you recruiter smarter, contact us today.

Tips for Finding Talented Engineers – from Houston’s Engineering Recruiters

October 3rd, 2017

As experienced engineering recruiters, Murray Resources knows that when it comes to hiring engineers, you have a tough job. Whether you work in oil and gas, construction or a different industry entirely, you need people with the technical competencies to get the job done. At the same time, they need the soft skills to blend well with the team. It’s a tall order to fill. How can you find the right engineering talent? Start with these tips:

Invest the time into recruiting.

Sometimes, you need to hire in a hurry. But that’s never a good strategy when it comes to sourcing and hiring quality talent. And considering that the average cost of a bad hire is 30% of the person’s salary, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the stakes are high. So take your time to iron out the details of the job description, and in recruiting and qualifying potential candidates. When you do, you’ll have a better chance at sourcing those who are the right match for your needs.

Evaluate soft skills.

As leading engineering recruiters, Murray Resources knows the best engineers combine strong hard and soft skills. So when you’re screening and interviewing, make sure you look beyond technical capabilities. You want someone who’s going to be able to work well on your team and become an asset to it.

Move quickly once you identify a strong candidate.

Once you identify one or two good candidates, you need to move quickly. In today’s market, technical talent doesn’t stay on the job market for long. And your top pick candidates are likely talking to other companies like yours. So don’t let a long-winded interview process, with panel after panel, slow you down. Instead, once you identify a great candidate, try to move the process along as quickly as possible.

In addition to that, provide a positive experience for every candidate. If you leave a candidate alone in an interview room for 15 minutes – with no explanation – or are constantly checking your phone during an interview, you’re not going to make a good impression.

Partner with engineering recruiters.

If you don’t have the time or resources to source and screen engineering talent, then outsource the process to engineering recruiters who do. Here at Murray Resources, for instance, we have an engineering division with experienced recruiters and robust connections in the field of engineering. As a result, we can often help you find the talent you need, faster.

Ready to put our engineering recruiters to work for you?

Murray Resources’ professional recruiting consultants know where and how to find world-class engineering talent. For over 30 years, we have recruited professionals for leading companies in the energy industry, as well as for numerous local manufacturers and utilities. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

Murray Resources Announces the Launch of its Murray Technical Division

December 26th, 2014

New Business Unit will House the Firm’s Engineering, Information Technology (IT), and Technical Sales Recruiting Services

(Houston, TX – December 26, 2014) – Murray Resources, a leading Houston staffing agency and recruiting firm, today announced it has launched the Murray Technical business unit to house the firm’s Engineering, Information Technology (IT), and Technical Sales Recruiting Services. The company will continue to fill roles on a temporary, contract, contract to hire, and direct hire basis in all three areas.

“While Murray Resources has been successively placing Engineering, IT, and Technical Sales professionals for almost fifteen years, we felt that our firm’s substantial growth in those areas over the last 36 months necessitated the launch of a standalone business unit that focuses specifically on those lines of business,” said Keith Wolf, Managing Director of Murray Resources.

The launch of Murray Technical coincides with the hiring of Jeremy Tyler, who joined the firm’s business development team in October, and who will lead the Murray Technical sales team. Jeremy brings over fifteen years of technical recruiting industry experience to Murray Resources, with a specific focus on IT / Technical staffing for Fortune 1000 and mid-market clients.

Murray Resources will continue to place Accounting/Finance, Manufacturing/Operations, Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Service, and Administrative professionals from within its Murray Professional division. The Murray Technical and Murray Professional divisions will both have distinct teams of recruiters who focus on matching talent within their specializations.

“The launch of Murray Technical is an exciting and significant milestone in our firm’s evolution. Fifteen years ago several of our longtime clients requested that we help them find technical talent. That piece of our business has continued to grow and today, Engineering, IT, and Technical Sales is a significant portion of our firm’s business. It was the right time to officially launch the Murray Technical brand,” said Marsha Murray, President of Murray Resources.

About Murray Resources
Founded in 1988, Murray Resources is a leading Houston recruiting firm and staffing agency. In 2014 the company was named by the Houston Business Journal as one of Houston’s top 25 largest direct hire firms. In 2013 the firm was named to the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America. The company serves a base of over 800 client companies, including numerous Fortune™ 1000 companies and high-growth small and medium-sized organizations, in the areas of administrative, accounting, customer service, engineering, finance, human resources, IT, manufacturing, marketing, operations, and sales. The company has been named a “Best Places to Work” and the #1 Fastest Growing Woman Owned Business in the Personnel Category by the Houston Business Journal. For more information, contact Murray Resources at 713.935.0009 or visit

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Tips from Engineering Recruiters: How to Hire Top Engineering Talent

November 5th, 2013

Every firm wants to hire the best and brightest engineering talent. But how you actually get there can be a challenge. As leading engineering recruiters in Houston, Murray Resources has sourced, screened and helped hire hundreds of engineering professionals for companies in Houston and beyond. Below are a few tips we’ve acquired along the way:

Ask for Referrals

During the resume screen and interview process, you really only get a piece of the candidate picture. But when you get a personal referral from someone you know and trust, you gain access to a level of information (regarding capabilities and personality) that you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to. This can be invaluable during the hiring process.

For instance, any candidate can seem like a good listener and collaborator during an interview, but once they’re on the job, is that really who they are? With a personal referral, you’ll have far more confidence in the answer.

Conduct Great Interviews

Regardless of the type of engineer you’re trying to hire, there are a few important competencies to be on the lookout for. These include: ability to learn and adapt, ability to solve problems, ability to deliver positive results, and pro-activeness.

In order to evaluate candidates for each of them, you need to conduct interviews in a thoughtful manner. That means no winging it or showing up unprepared. For instance, in order to assess problem solving ability, give each candidate a real problem to solve. To evaluate results, ask the candidate to describe a past project they are proud of. And when a candidate makes a claim, don’t just take it at face value. Push them on it – and ask follow-up questions – to ensure there is substance behind their initial answer.

Once you’ve gone through the interview process, ask yourself a few important questions about each candidate that help you further evaluate the above competencies – e.g. Is a candidate able to quickly think on their feet? Are their answers coherent and confident? Did you learn something new when talking to them?

Focus on What Engineers Want

When interviewing candidates, it’s important to focus on what many engineers want in order to sell the opportunity to them. For instance:

• Top engineers want to work for companies that have leading edge technology. So promote yours, particularly if it’s ahead of the competition’s.

• Besides technology, most engineering candidates are also highly ambitious and want to get ahead. So talk about opportunities for advancement and professional development at your company.

• In addition, many engineers want to make a difference and help someone or benefit the bottom line. So explain to them how their work at the company could potentially do one or all of those things.

• And of course, good engineers demand competitive pay and benefits. A strong compensation package can certainly tip the scales in your direction when recruiting engineers.

Give Candidates a Positive Experience

Even if you don’t wind up hiring a candidate, you still want to provide a great experience with your company. Why? Because they likely hang around with other engineers and will talk to them about how you treated them – the good, the bad and the ugly. So provide all candidates with a positive experience, including:

• Reading their resume before the interview and showing a personal interest in them.

• Giving the candidate some time to ask questions at the end of the interview.

• Staying in contact with candidates and letting someone know as soon as they are out of the running for the job.

Need More Help Recruiting Engineers?

Let Murray Resources know. As leading engineering recruiters in Houston, we have access to some of the top engineering professionals in Houston and can help you find the one that’s right for your job opportunity. If you’re ready to make the hiring process easier – and find the engineers you need – contact Murray Resources today.


Why Houston is #1 for Engineering Jobs

September 17th, 2013

The numbers are in and Houston takes the top spot in the nation for the highest demand for engineers, according to a new survey.

The online job board service ranked the top engineering job opportunities by region, and discovered that Houston had the highest volume of engineering jobs listed across the nation. Houston even trumped San Jose, California, for the number of opportunities. Dallas and Austin also took top spots, with Dallas listed at number seven in the nation, and Austin at number ten in terms of ranking.

No wonder the Houston employment market is constantly on the search for skilled engineers to fill its job needs. In fact, energy, manufacturing and technology companies are all demanding more engineer candidates, according to the Houston engineering recruiters at Murray Resources.

New initiatives aim to fill the engineering pipeline

A variety of new initiatives have been put in place to increase the influx of engineers in the Houston market, which is good news to Houston engineering recruiters throughout the area.

The Greater Houston Partnership started a regional task force to help employers attract skilled technical workers to Houston, and Microsoft created YouthSpark Houston, a program designed to increase the number of skilled science, math, technology and engineering students in the region.

Yet all this activity will take a while to bear fruit. Meanwhile, the demand for engineers in Houston is at a high.

What makes Houston the top spot seeking engineering talent?

Not surprisingly, the Bayou City’s prosperity rests strongly on its role as the center of energy production for much of the country. The presence of major energy companies such as Exxon and Conoco Phillips in Houston’s Energy Corridor lead to high demand for engineers in the energy sector. So much so that, while the nationwide hiring demand for engineers has declined by almost 10% since March 2012, demand in the Houston metro area has grown by 11%.

What kind of engineering talent do companies seek?

Research by Houston engineering recruiters and others keen on following the engineering job trends in Houston point to these roles as the 10 most in-demand engineering job titles:

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Senior Process Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer

Related to this, the five skills are most commonly highlighted in ads seeking engineering talent in the Houston metro area are:

  • Project management
  • Microsoft Office
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

A great lifestyle sweetens the deal

All this growth in the oil and gas industries, not to mention every sector of Houston’s economy, has had the benefit of turning Houston into a thriving cultural mecca, with housing, dining and entertainment options galore.

Along with this, all Houston engineering recruiters note that Houston’s highly affordable housing market, combined with improved job availability and business opportunities, a lower cost of living and a warmer climate will keep bringing more new transplants to Houston, in engineering roles and beyond.

Are you a talented professional looking for your next career move?

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How to Land Your Next Engineering Job in Oil and Gas

July 21st, 2013

In a competitive job market, such as Houston’s thriving oil and gas sector, even if you’re a highly-trained, qualified engineer, you need to go above and beyond  to land the job you want. As one of the leading firms in its field,  Murray Resources and its team of Houston engineering recruiters understand the importance of finding novel ways of capitalizing on every available opportunity to stress your uniqueness as a candidate.

Advice from Murray Resources’ Houston Engineering Recruiters

In order to rise above other job seekers, apply these creative job seeking techniques to ensure you’re the applicant who gets noticed.


You’d be surprised how many candidates know little about the companies with whom they interview. Don’t be that interviewee. Know the company’s business – because your competition will. Doing so will enable you to ask more specific questions and help you impress the employer. Spend time on the web uncovering as much information as you can about the company. Likewise, mine your network to find out who you know that may be able to introduce you to current employees or offer insider insight for an edge over other candidates. Also, find out whatever you can about the job. Know where you can add value by thoroughly understanding the job description, what makes you unique, and how you can hit the ground running.


Any employer wants to know that a prospective employee is passionate about what he or she does. The best way to show your passion is to understand what excites you and why. So identify the fundamental themes that occur when you feel energized and engaged. Make a list of the things that have ignited your passion in your personal and professional life. Then ask yourself, why does this get me going? What about it makes it so energizing? Keep asking why until you reach the underlying reason. It’s a great way to reverse engineer what fuels your passion and show it to prospective employers.


To set yourself apart, consider creating a personal presentation and delivering it during the interview. Instead of merely answering questions as they come your way, delivering your own presentation enables you to set the tone for the discussion and point out skills and experiences that you want to ensure the hiring manager gets to hear. Use examples from your work and use elements that highlight your public speaking abilities and presentation skills. A word of advice: your presentation should run no longer than five minutes or you risk monopolizing the time that interviewers need to evaluate you.

Competitive Times Call for Exceptional Measures

Murray Resources’ team of Houston engineering recruiters will tell you that while there is certainly a hot market for engineering talent in Houston, there’s a lot of competition for highly-sought engineering jobs in the oil and gas sector. In order to succeed, you must strive to make an impression that simply can’t be ignored. Land your next engineering job by displaying a little creative thinking and bit of extra effort.

Are you a talented professional looking for your next career move?

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