5 Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make That Scare Employers

April 17th, 2018

Spring is here and a great time for new beginnings. For many professionals, that means starting up a job search. But, as top headhunters in Houston, TX, Murray Resources knows if you’re making certain mistakes during the process, you could actually be scaring off employers. What are they – and how can you avoid them? Here’s a look:

#1: Sending in a boilerplate resume.

Resume writing is tedious task. However, your resume is your ticket into the interview process. So it’s vitally important you submit one that’s polished and professional. If, however, yours sounds like you copied and pasted from the Internet, you won’t stand out or get a call for an interview.

What to do: To avoid this, make sure you read through the job posting and tailor your resume so it highlights your most relevant skills and experiences.

#2: Submitting a long resume.

As leading headhunters in Houston, TX, we know when a hiring manager gets a resume, they spend a few seconds looking it over. If yours is long-winded and hard to follow, you’re sabotaging your job search efforts. Keep in mind, your resume should offer a snapshot of your career, abilities and track record. It doesn’t need to delve into every detail of your background.

What to do: Keep it short and simple when writing your resume. Focus on using clear and concise language, bullet points, and bold-faced fonts to call out your job titles and past employers. Make your resume easy-to-scan with the pertinent information first.

#3: Showing up late to an interview.

The interview is the first in-person impression a hiring manager will have of you. If you show up late, you’re starting the process with points against you.

What to do: Know how to get to the interview location ahead of time and give yourself plenty of drive time in case of an accident, construction or heavy traffic. If you’re unfamiliar with the location, you might even want to take a test drive there before the day of your interview.

#4: Not being prepared.

If you get to the interview and it’s clear you don’t really know anything about the company, then the hiring manager will see it as a lack of enthusiasm or interest in the job. Noy asking questions can also make you seem unprepared.

What to do: Do your homework ahead of time and learn all you can about the company, their hiring needs, the people they serve and the solutions they offer. You’ll not only be able to answer questions more intelligently, but you’ll feel more confident walking into the interview.

#5: Offering vague interview answers.

The interview is your opportunity to show employers the value you can offer and why you’d be a good fit for their team. But if you offer answers that are lacking in detail or inconsistent with your resume, it’s a red flag for hiring managers.

What to do: Read through some common interview questions and think about how’d you answer them. Also, come up with a list of your accomplishments you think would most interest the hiring manager and be prepared to weave those into your interview answers.

If you’re making any of these mistakes, now’s the time to correct course, so you can put your best foot forward. If you need help with the process, call the experts at Murray Resources. As top headhunters in Houston, TX, we can help you locate the position that best matches your skills and interests, whether you are looking to move up the corporate ladder, re-enter the workforce, get more experience, or just gain more control over your schedule. Contact us today to learn more.

5 Job Search Mistakes That Will Cost You the Job

May 24th, 2016

As one of the leading recruiting agencies in Houston, Murray Resources knows the job market can be fierce. One false move and you could knock yourself out of the running for a great opportunity. What are some mistakes even the best job seekers have made in the past? Here’s a look:

Mistake #1: Not following instructions when applying.

You may not want to give a list of referrals or your salary history. However, if you don’t follow the instructions of the job postings, don’t be surprised when you’re not called in for an interview.

Mistake #2: Submitting a five-page resume when you have three years of experience.

Even for those with 10+ years of experience, two pages typically suffice when it comes to submitting a resume. If you do send in an excessively long resume, then the hiring manager will view you as self important or think you can’t edit and focus on your strengths.

Mistake #3: Following up…in person.

You had an interview with the hiring manager and they told you to expect to hear back in a week. It’s now been two. It’s perfectly acceptable to send a quick email asking about the status of the position. However, if you just applied for the job and show up on the company’s door step two days later inquiring about the position, you’re going to look unprofessional.

Mistake #4: Arriving to an interview too early.

Sure, you want to show the hiring manager you’re eager for the job. However, showing up 30 minutes early – or more – for an interview will simply make you look desperate. Ten minutes early is fine. If you arrive sooner than that, then wait in your car or go to the coffee shop around the corner.

Mistake #5: Asking about perks and benefits too soon.

Of course, you want to know about benefits and perks of a particular opportunity. But ask too early – for instance,  your first question during the phone screen – and it could look like that’s all you’re after. Instead, you want to show the hiring manager that you’re interested in the opportunity and that you’re a good fit for it. Ask about the benefits once you’re deeper into the hiring process.

Would you like more advice and help finding your next Houston job? Call the experts at Murray Resources. As one of the leading recruiting agencies in Houston, we can assist you with the entire job search process – from crafting a strong resume to preparing for interviews – all so you can find opportunities that are a great fit for your skills and background.

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