Staffing Solutions: What Are the Different Options & Which is Right for You?

June 12th, 2018

Today’s economy is rapidly changing. To stay at the forefront of your industry, you need the right people in the right positions, and also enough flexibility to limit overhead and take advantage of new opportunities. Working with a staffing agency in Houston, TX can help you achieve all this and more.

That said, there are many different solutions available. If you’re not an expert, it can be difficult to know which is right for you and your team. To help you make the best decision – and partner with the right staffing agency in Houston, TX – here’s an overview of some common services available:

Direct hire / permanent staffing.

This staffing service is designed to fill roles that are full-time, permanent in nature, and typically offer benefits. With this service, your staffing agency will source talent from both passive and active pools, as well as screen, interview, and vet candidates through a strict hiring process.

Contract / temporary staffing.

This provides for an employment situation where an individual is hired for a specified period of time, at a specified rate. They are typically on the payroll of the staffing agency, not the company. Contract and temporary staffing are both ideal when you have busy seasons where you need extra manpower, or if you have a short-term project that requires a specialized skill set.

Temporary-to-hire staffing.

When you know you need to hire, but aren’t sure whether it’s on a full-time or temporary basis, this service can provide you with more insight before making a permanent decision. With it, you can bring an individual on board for a specified period of time. If you’re satisfied with their performance and can continue to sustain demand, then you can choose whether or not to make a full-time offer.


An arrangement where your staffing agency serves as the employer of record and handles the administrative burdens associated with payroll. This offers a range of benefits, including helping your company to reduce HR-related overhead costs, as well as eliminating administration time, so you can focus on other business priorities.

Onsite recruiting management.

Recruiting services, provided right onsite at your company’s location, to better assist with recruitment efforts when you have a regular need for employees. Services include sourcing candidates, interviewing them, conducting background and reference checks, and facilitating the hiring process.

Ready to take advantage of one or more of these staffing services?

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How to Make the Most of an Exit Interview

May 3rd, 2011

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released numbers showing that in November 2010, more workers quit their jobs than were laid off. Furthermore, November was the 4th consecutive month to see an increase in the number of workers voluntarily leaving their positions.

With more and more employees exiting out of their current jobs, you may be experiencing an increase in turnover at your Houston company. While it may present a challenge, it’s also a good time for you to evaluate why employees are leaving and what you can do to prevent turnover of good employees in the future.

That said, not all employee turnover is bad. For instance, if you’re overstaffed or have a poor performer, you may actually be relieved when they give you their two-week notice.

Still, even in these cases, there’s always something to be learned from employee turnover. They way to tap into that information is by conducting an exit interview; otherwise, you could miss out on a valuable opportunity. For instance, done right, exit interviews can help you:

  • Identify a problem that is causing employee turnover.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of employment and business policies and practices.
  • Learn about what another employer is offering your soon-to-be former employee.
  • Provide a positive last impression of your company to the departing employee.
  • Improve your employee retention strategies and attract and retain talent in the future.

To help you conduct an effective exit interview, here is some information on what to ask and how to use the data you compile.

Questions to Ask

What you ultimately decide to ask should reflect what your primary purposes or goals are for the interview. For instance, are you simply trying to show the employee you value their input or are you trying to improve retention strategies?

Regardless, here are some common topics to help you get started:

  • Reason(s) for leaving
  • Compensation
  • Work environment/culture
  • Management and supervision
  • Company employment and business practices
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Aspects of the employee’s new position, such as pay

Also, make sure you end the interview on a positive note, such as thanking the employee for their contribution to the company and asking for input on how to help you retain existing talent in the future. If the employee leaves feeling valued and respected, they are less likely to talk negatively about the company.

Using the Information

Once you’ve gathered information from an interview, it’s important to feed it back to the employees and managers with whom the employee worked. But don’t just pass along the comments without providing context that will educate those involved and bring about change to problem areas. Also, don’t be surprised if employees or managers are taken aback by the information shared, especially if it’s negative. But it’s your job to frame the information in a manner that offers an opportunity for improvement.

Also be sure to deliver positive comments, as well. It’s easy to think that employees know when they’re doing a good job. But praise can go a long way in creating loyalty, improving productivity, and limiting turnover in the future.

And if you need some help dealing with employee turnover at your company, please contact Murray Resources. As a staffing services firm in Houston, we can help you find and hire skilled professionals to fill gaps in talent, as well as develop creative and effective solutions for retaining your star performers.

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