What Hiring Managers Look For When They Google You

May 15th, 2012

If you’re searching for a job in Houston, Texas, you probably already know that many hiring managers are going to Google you.

But do you know what they’re looking for?

According to new research by CareerBuilder, the majority of hiring managers – 65% – look to social networking sites to see how job candidates are presenting themselves online; 51% checked to determine if the candidate seemed like a good fit for the organization.

In the study, Facebook and LinkedIn were cited as the social networking sites most turned to by hiring managers. And some of the details they saw online that proved positive for candidates included:

• Demonstrating professionalism
• Demonstrating strong communication skills
• Showcasing their personality and a variety of interests
• Creativity
• References and recommendations posted by other people

On the other hand, some of the negatives that impacted a hiring decision included:

• Posting provocative or crude pictures
• Posting comments or pictures that indicated heavy alcohol or drug use
• Making discriminatory comments
• Demonstrating poor communication skills
• Badmouthing a former employer

And in fact, a full 34% of hiring managers reported not hiring a candidate because of something negative – like the examples above – they saw online.

So the bottom line is to think before you post.

In other words, be mindful of how you present yourself online, particularly on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn, since that’s where most hiring managers look. And no matter what you do, don’t post inappropriate images or content that will make a possible employer think twice about hiring you.

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